Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Columbus State Applications

Are you planning on attending Columbus State Community College next year after you graduate? This is a great option for a lot of students because it allows students to transition from the high school to college expectations in typically smaller classes and for a fraction of the cost. Students attending CSCC have much later deadlines for admission and so it can be easy to procrastinate on completing the application. It is an easy, online application and will not take you long to complete it so I would like to encourage you to apply this week. As a potentially added incentive, students who are interested in applying for one of their academic scholarships must complete the application for admission and the scholarship application by Thursday, March 1st. Additional information about the CSCC academic scholarships can be found on the WKHS Counselors website at http://www.wkhscounselors.com/ in the Scholarship section.

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